Stakeholders Within Ghana’s Port Industry Undergo 5-Day Training For Improvement Of Single Window Systems


A 5-day training workshop on the improvement of the implementation of single window systems for trade facilitation has been in held in Ghana for key port community stakeholders.

Ghana is among 7 countries identified for the initial phase of the programme. The others are La Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Cape Verde.

This capacity building program is under the Improvement of Port Customs and Operation Efficiency in Africa (IPCOEA) project under the auspices of the Port Management Association of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA) with support from the European Union.

Project Manager of the Ports Management Association of West and Central Africa, Tantoh Roland, said such programs are to position African ports for resilience, efficiency and competitiveness while leveraging digital technology.

“When we start digitalizing, we reduce redundancy, we are more effective in our operations. When we are trained, on-boarding becomes easy, and passing on good practices also becomes easier. This step Africa is delving into is crucial,” he elaborated.

The Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority, Michael Luguje, said while Ghana is relatively advanced than some of its counterparts in the implementation of a Single Window System, such a workshop helps ports learn from each other towards the desired level of operationalization.

He said, “single window is the way to go. It is an obligation for every port and trading organization to embrace it. The western countries are way advanced, and we are also catching up.”


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